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The New CSIPROMO.COM site will finished be very soon. You will soon be able to create or add your design to any product instantly. Please contact us for any questions or placing orders! 

What we do

We recognized the need to simplify custom printing of all types. From start to finish, we are truly a do-it-all one stop shop for everyone. We are much more than a print company- we inspire people, create ideas, build brands, host stores, promote products, manage logistics, and are always dependable.  

why choose us

This company’s core values have been instilled since day one when Thelma Studer started CSI (formerly Studer Services). Her vision was to create the highest quality, custom-printed products and match them with incredible customer service. This is exactly what we pride ourselves on today. Our prices arealways competitive but the passion for our clients is unmatched. We genuinely care about this city, region, and nation to build a better brand as a whole.  



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207-B Antilles Ct.
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M-F 9am – 5pm


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